2nd year biology chp wise long and short questions

hellow friend ! today I am going to provide you 2nd year biology chp eise long an short questions2nd year Biology notes are given here for all chapters for federal board and Punjab board. This is all in one pdf file of all chapters short questions and answers.

Yes, these are best notes of 2nd year biology for chapters short questions. The short questions have been taken from past papers and from within the text of the book and also from exercise of every chapter. That is why we have over 100 short questions from every chapter of 2nd year biology.

in fact, these are chapter wise complete short questions notes that include exercise questions and many extra questions for better preparation for the exams

This post contains the notes of Biology FSc Part 2 2nd Year Notes. These notes includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Exercise Short Questions, Definitions and Extra Short Questions and Long Questions. 12th Class Biology Notes. The links are given below.

Yes, these chapters are the best notes of second year biology for short questions. Brief questions have been taken within the past papers and book text and from the practice of each chapter. That’s why we have more than 100 short questions from each chapter of second year biology.


to download click the links below

chp no Chapter Name download links
15. Homeostasis download
16. Support and Movements download
17 Coordination & Control download
18 Reproduction download
19. Growth & Development download
20 Chromosomes and DNA download
21 Cell Cycle download
22 download
23 Biotechnology download
24 Evolution download
25 Ecosystem download
26 Some Major Ecosystems download
27 Man and His Enviroment download

How to get good marks in Biology

Check paper patterns, scheme of studies, past papers, neatly and neatly without cutting or crossing your words or phrases. In addition, try to convince the examiner that you are the best at biology

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