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In network services-Businesses need to step up their game in this situation, as 81% of B2B marketers use email marketing as their main content marketing strategy.

Email newsletters can be distributed by any business, but launching successful email marketing campaigns requires careful thought and work. The list goes on: you have to pay attention to the content, comprehend your target audience, test your copy, choose the appropriate time to follow up, position your call to action (CTAs), etc.

This is the reason we penned this blog post outlining B2B companies’ best practices for email marketing. Additionally, we’ve provided some incredible real-world examples of email marketing so you can see how things operate. Below is a synopsis of the post:

Content’s significance in email marketing

  • Targeting Decision Making Units (DMUs) is imperative.
  • The top nine email marketing strategies for businesses-to-business

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents:

  1. Content Is King When It Comes to B2B Email Marketing
  2. What Separates B2C and B2B Email Marketing
  3. How to Target Content: Take the DMU into Account
  4. 9 Best Practices for B2B Email Marketing to Interact with Your B2B Audience
  5. Conclusion


Let’s go over the fundamentals first before getting into email marketing best practices. These days, drip email campaigns, automation, and targeting are staples of modern email marketing, so much so that they are no longer even regarded as best practices.

Examine the reason now.

Let’s first examine the distinctions between email marketing for businesses and consumers.


I won’t go into specifics, but these are some significant variations:

  • One thing influences B2B companies’ and customers’ purchasing decisions: increasing return on investment. B2C consumers, on the other hand, typically make purchases motivated by feelings.
  • In general, B2B clients have a longer buying cycle than individual clients. Because of this, an email campaign aimed at businesses ought to involve several workflows that gradually develop the relationship over several months.
  • B2B customers are more concerned with how a good or service will save them money, time, and resources. That should be reflected in your content. Content that informs and persuades a potential customer to buy is essential. A B2C email, on the other hand, ought to appeal to the reader’s emotions by using attention-grabbing images, catchy subject lines, and condensed email copy that includes discounts and clickbait CTAs.

Drip Emails: Too many emails to reply to in one go

Imagine that someone from a manufacturing company decides to subscribe to your list. Assume you supply the raw materials.

Individuals prefer not to make rash investments in raw materials. Since you have to deal with lengthy buying cycles, it would be better to send out a number of carefully thought-out B2B emails based on event triggers over an extended period of time.

Put another way, the foundation of this procedure would be marketing automation that maximizes the use of drip campaigns and email sequences.

According to an analysis by the Dutch email marketing company Admitter, calls to action such as “try me now” or “buy now” converted less well than the call-to-action link with more information in 90% of cases.

This suggests that prioritizing relevant content over sales is generally more effective, particularly when the content is in line with the recipient’s interests.

One of the most crucial elements of B2B email marketing best practices is a well-placed and informative call to action.


You must add the appropriate people to your email list in order for your B2B email marketing to be successful.

On the surface, it makes sense to assume that you would have to target decision-makers, like a company’s CEO or directors. But these days, titles frequently signify very little. How can you tell the difference between the CEO of a cruise line, the CEO of a startup, and the owner of a restaurant, for instance, if you use the filter “CEO” when conducting a LinkedIn search?

You’ll also need to use other criteria to ensure that the right audience is included on your list. The size of the company alone is probably a better indicator of the target market. It’s also rare for one person to make all the decisions in an organization, so you might need to focus on a few different people. The Decision-Making Unit (DMU) of an organization is this group of individuals.

A DMU will frequently be made up of individuals with different roles who will each read your emails from a different point of view. List segmentation becomes essential in order to engage each of these people in an effective manner. Then, you can tailor your best email messages to each person and their unique challenges.


These are nine tried-and-true best practices for B2B email marketing that will increase deliverability, reach, and lead generation. Now let’s get started!

1. Resonate With Your Tone

Since the recipient of your email is greatly impacted by your initial impression, the tone of your email sets expectations. B2C emails frequently have a tone that is intended to catch the recipient’s attention, along with calls to action like “sign up now,” “buy now,” and similar phrases. Emails with this tone work well for B2C marketing because they can be visually appealing and entertaining.

In contrast, B2B email marketing focuses more on building trust and providing a reliable solution in a way that you want the recipient to find valuable.

2. Personalize Your Messages

Personalization is one of the most crucial B2B email marketing best practices.

According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, it is simple to increase email open rates by 29.3% across all industries with personalized subject lines. For optimal outcomes, it is imperative to have a customized email subject line, regardless of whether it is a welcome or marketing email.

When it comes to B2B email campaigns, personalization has advanced significantly since the days when saying “Hi [first name]” was standard procedure. In reality, a B2B marketer can now tailor messages to a customer’s stage of the purchasing process using a variety of tools and customer data.

It won’t work to try to guess who your target audience is and what they want. The information and data you require to pinpoint the distinct yet shared traits of your ideal clients can be obtained from your current clientele.

Buyer personas are frequently defined as these “clear yet common characteristics of your ideal customers.” This can contain information about an individual’s title, industry, demographics, psychography, location, and other relevant details. You might have one or more buyer personas, depending on your type of business.

What actions are made possible by these buyer personas?

Better B2B email marketing campaigns are made possible by them, as your emails:

  • able to be extremely targeted and customized
  • can be sent when it’s most convenient for your audience
  • Permit you to reach the target audience through other appropriate channels

Here are some ideas on how to use that information to create best practices for B2B email marketing:

  • Make use of subject lines that are relevant and appropriately hint at the content of your email.
  • So that your audience has options for relevant action, pose pertinent questions.
  • To ensure that prospective clients receive messages at the appropriate time, segment your list according to time zones.
  • Sort your list according to various personas.
  • Configure email triggers based on the actions of leads.
  • Employ brief but prompt follow-ups.

3. Craft Subject Lines That Pique Interest

Here’s another recommended practice for email marketing.

Studies reveal that 64% of recipients of emails open them solely because of the subject line. Any business-to-business email marketing campaign’s open rates are greatly influenced by its subject lines.

  • Remove all symbols and spam words from your subject line.
  • Use between 17 and 24 characters.
  • Subtitles should be no more than three or four words.
  • Make sure your subject line has a minimum of one emoji.
  • In addition to giving you the information you need to make future decisions based on A/B testing, this email subject line tester will encourage recipients to open your message.

4. Validate Your Emails

If your emails don’t end up in the inbox of the intended recipient, what good is a B2B email marketing strategy? Your email campaigns’ overall efficacy will be impacted by invalid emails and email bounces. They also jeopardize your credibility.

5. Include a Call to Action

Email marketing is used by 87% of B2B email marketers to nurture and create leads. In order to establish a continuous dialogue with your audience, your emails are essential. Having said that, they must do more for you than just let clients know you exist.

So how do you accomplish that? One way to engage customers is by offering them multiple ways to stay in contact with you, or by including a call to action encouraging them to visit your landing page. Calls to action can be in the form of a query, the sharing of pertinent resources, or a decision made in accordance with the stage at which the prospective client is in the purchasing process.

It won’t be sufficient to just have a primary call to action section in your email templates, though. It also matters what context it is presented in. Put another way, the copy plays a crucial role in determining whether or not new clients will take advantage of your motivating offer.

Here’s a fantastic PSD2HTML example. The call to action is clear, concise, and pertinent to the text. Take note of the call to action’s specificity, which includes a button that directs users to a landing page:

  • Ways to write a compelling call to action that increase click-through rates:
  • The action you want readers to take, the language you use, and the CTA’s design are the three main components to take into account’
  • To address the query, “What’s in it for me?” clearly state the call to action.
  • Your call to action should be placed in a way that is both easily visible and accessible because it is important where they are placed.
  • The content of your emails should be important and naturally lead to a call to action.
  • Give the CTA precise instructions so that they can respond to inquiries about “What should they do,” “Where will they go,” and “Why should they follow through.”
  • Make sure alt-tags for any images used as call to action are visible even if your clients are using image blocking.
  • It is common for readers to click on logos and pictures in emails, so make sure these images are clickable to avoid giving the impression that your email is broken.

 Segment Your List Around Interest Levels

You must segment your list according to the degree of interest that each audience has in your brand if you want to ensure that the content of your emails is pertinent.

You can potentially convert readers into new subscribers by delivering personally relevant content to your list based on communication preferences and areas of interest.

7. Time It Right

When it comes to your B2B email marketing, timing can be very important. The ideal times to send emails vary depending on the audience and business, but you can get the information you need to know when to send them by using the data from your analytics.

Knowing where your reader is in the buying cycle is another factor in timing. This can then help determine what kind of emails need to be sent as follow-up.

For instance, someone who attends a webinar or video is probably interested in that subject. This makes it possible to follow up with relevant products and services via email or even by phone.


There are a lot of moving components in B2B email marketing, and carrying out these tasks by hand can get tedious, time-consuming, and ultimately ineffective.

Thankfully, it is possible to automate these recommended procedures. You can accomplish them with a variety of email marketing programs, but why bother when you can accomplish everything with a single, integrated program?

That is correct, indeed.

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