System program for hp laptop

System program for hp laptop

A selection of programs and utilities to
repair, maintain and repair your laptop. A set of utilities for monitoring the
state of the hardware of the laptop will help you monitor the temperature of
the central processor and other chips. Monitor and report the status of hard
drives etc. All this is necessary to prevent breakdowns and maintain the
laptop’s hardware in maximum combat readiness. Some of the utilities in this
collection are used to monitor the battery level and its other properties.
A very
important point in laptop maintenance and software repair is the skill of
cleaning the Windows registry, which is a hierarchical database of settings and
various parameters of the operating system. Registry is a place of storage
of information about settings and configurations of hardware and software, user
profiles and pre-settings, data on installed utilities and their
changes. The registry can be represented as a catalog, which summarizes
what, where and how is stored, the parameters of all this and how they all
interact with each other. In the selection you can download the following
programs for laptop: Wise Registry Cleaner , Auslogics
Registry Cleaner
 , Wit Registry Fix, Registry Cleaner Registry

  – A program that allows your laptop to work 2 times longer
than the battery, by reducing the speed (and therefore power consumption) of
the processor and hard drive, as well as disconnecting some unnecessary
Allows you to test and find out what condition the battery is in.
It tests the status of the battery, and writes down its actual capacity,
this can be of great help when buying a laptop with your hands, as it shows how
long the battery is alive, it also displays a report of which ones Equipment is
installed. It has an interesting application that shows the battery gauge
on the toolbar.

  – An excellent utility for monitoring laptop battery power,
used to optimize its usage. (Link to official site with latest version)

For laptop or computer to work better and faster, periodic
maintenance of laptop by software is required. In this case, the service
refers to the following program procedures. In addition, the article
provides detailed information on cleaning and defragmenting laptop hard drives
with standard Windows programs.

In the selection you will find the following features: Auslogics
Disk Defrag
   – the best free program for defragmenting disks, as
well as a video instruction explaining how to check notebook disks for errors

This simply excellent test program for laptop is capable of
performing in-depth diagnostics of a number of components and systems managed
under Windows OS. The utility gives the user a detailed report on the
operation of all major systems, and is able to diagnose hidden subsystems.
After downloading AIDA 64, you will receive detailed information about
the status of the following hardware modules and system elements:

Central Microprocessor Motherboard
Video Chip Monitor
Memory Module (HDD, RAM)
A bunch of other components, more than a hundred pages of information
about the results.

Tests the RAM memory of a laptop. Checking the operation of
RAM by the memtest utility is most effective for diagnosing “fast”
(RAM) memory during “overcalling” – memtest
will reveal practically any failures and deviations in action. It will be
very useful when upgrading RAM or buying a laptop – to test the reliability and
stability of work. Functional Features of Memotest:

Possibility of qualitative assessment of RAM’s ability to read,
write information
Pre-determining the number of tested RAM resources
Ability to thoroughly test new RAM modules
Discovery of the smallest deviations and instabilities in work and

A program for tracking critical sensor readings on laptop
motherboards, as well as a program for outputting technical information from
video adapter sensors and HDDs. Using SpeedFan, you can adjust the speed
of fans for the laptop’s cooling system. Functional features of SpeedFan utility:

Smart technology support
adjusting the range of voltage and temperature modes HDD web analysis
of   fan speed, temperature and voltage graphs
by using a database

In this article, I would like to consider such an important and
interesting issue as laptop programs for free. And, probably, the keyword
here is “free”.

We recommend that you read the Update DirectX Note. In fact,
those who play modern games cannot do without a fresh DirectX. Therefore,
do not forget that the information on updating DirectX is always up to date and
can come in handy.

The fact is that, depending on our place of residence, occupation
and different life circumstances, we have one or more than one
amount. First, we need to address our immediate needs, and then move on to
secondary issues for distribution of wealth.

Why is it called all this? But it is said for the fact that
everything we use in our lives has value. Maybe it’s not great, but
nothing can be done, it’s the way of society at the moment.

We advise you not to forget about the question of cleaning the
laptop. Users often do not attach importance to cleanliness, so very often
a laptop falls into an idle state.

That is, all programs, including the Windows operating system
(OS), which are installed by most users, are also paid, but many people use
hacked versions illegally. The very painful question of debating who is
right and who is not is not the purpose of this article.

Its purpose is to try to find a compromise between the program
developers and our users. This can be done thanks to free software.

That is, we get a choice, if we are ready to spend money on a
certain program, we do it, and if not, we can get a decent free
analogue. That is, you can quite reasonably choose a laptop program for

The only thing that cannot yet be completely replaced is the
Windows OS itself (although if you do not play modern computer games, it is
quite possible to use the free Ubuntu OS). All other paid programs can be
replaced by their free counterparts. So, let’s try to choose a laptop program
for free. We will not consider a whole bunch, sometimes not entirely
necessary programs. We list the most important and essential for all.

And so, let’s get started. Once again, all the programs
listed here are completely free, you can use them anywhere you want.




After installing Windows, one of the first programs, you should
definitely install an antivirus. Especially if there is Internet or if you
use a flash drive. By installing it, you can save yourself from troubles
like viruses.

They can completely disrupt the operation of both the middle and
the computer. Including can freely steal your password to social networks
and simply block them. Free antiviruses are quite suitable:

AVAST 2014 | free antivirus

Avira Antivir Personal

AVG Antivirus and others

All these antivirus products are good enough for home use. Do
not listen to “wise men” who can only say that they reproach them for
incompetence – it is not. According to independent tests, they work on a
par with paid analogues in home use.

The only thing that distinguishes them from paid analogues is the
lack of certain functions, which are needed by firms and organizations much
more than by ordinary users.

Firewall, Firewall or Firewall

They need to filter all operations with the Internet. That
is, all activity, whether it is access to some kind of invisible program on the
Internet or vice versa, is all activity controlled by a firewall.

Usually, such a network filter is already built into Windows or,
more often, an antivirus, but if for some reason it does not suit you or it is
disabled, you can use the free versions. Huh. An example would be:

checkpoint firewall free

Comodo Personal Firewall

More detailed works with them can be found on the Internet.

collection program

This is the program that is needed to work with
archives. Archives are loaded files, and archivers are needed to unpack
them. There is a free analog:


WinRAR (yes, it is paid, but there are no restrictions, only a
window appears about the need to purchase a license and everything that is just
easy to turn off)

Apart from the format as its name, it also supports other common
ones like rar.

burning disc

An example of such a free program would be:

Ashampoo Burning Studio

It supports in addition to standard CD/DVD discs and Blu-rays. Plus
burning disc images still has a lot of useful features.

View pictures and pictures

Very nice and quite functional free program:


Among its functionalities include image editing, the ability to
take screenshots, plus support for third-party plug-ins. You can also use
various other analogues.


Without them, video and audio files would either work poorly or
not at all. To solve this problem, a free set is used:

This is the most common and important set of codecs for audio and
video included in the program for laptops for free.

audio video player

There are a lot of them, but here we indicate:


light alloy

These are very good “folk” players. In addition to
the standard functions for playing audio and video files, they also have many
functions, including converting CDs, recording, copying music, listening to
Internet radio, and more.

office package

Many use hacked, paid Microsoft Office suites. It is,
firstly, illegal, and secondly, unsafe, because hacked programs can cause
viruses. Therefore, we present you two worthy replacements:



The first program is a very functional replacement for Microsoft
Office. Judge for yourself, it also includes a text editor, an editor of
tables, presentations, databases, formulas, as well as a graphical editor, and

Moreover, outwardly all these applications are very similar to
Microsoft Office. So, if you want to find a worthy replacement for the
paid word, OpenOffice will do just fine.

Programs for reading electronic books, magazines, documents

The most common formats for e-books and documents are PDF and
DJVU. You can either download a separate program for each type, or you can
use the universal one:


A nice, simple reader for e-books and documents.


With it, we can work on the Internet, visit all the sites we
need. The OS has a built-in Internet browser and its name is: Internet
Explorer – not everyone’s favorite, but quite suitable for its task. More
in demand and popular are:


All of them, including Internet Explorer, have their fans and
haters. In short, any of them are suitable for daily work on the Internet,
the little things in the work (both positive and negative) are already
recognized in the process of use.

You can also get acquainted with the question why the laptop does
not work well in this article. Poor laptop performance can overtake the
most impulsive moment, so you should know beforehand why it happens.

In general, that’s all, this is the minimum that ensures full work
on a laptop or computer. It is clear that many and different operations
can be performed in between, including using multiple programs, but this is a
specific case and depends on the particular user.

In this article, we examined the issue of laptop programs for free. That
is, an excellent, multifunctional replacement for paid analogues, without which
it is difficult to work comfortably with a beech or PC.

This set provides a list of the most essential programs that are
perfect for installation on a new laptop or device with the new Windows
operating system.

good antivirus protection

The first thing to establish is, of course, a good
defense. Without a good antivirus, visiting any page on the Internet,
using third-party applications or devices, may infect your computer with
dangerous viruses and Trojans. To do this, we recommend that you use the
new, free anti-virus solution 360 Total Security, which you can download from a
special page on our site.

multifunctional browser

2 Next, to visit sites on the Internet, you must have an
installed, modern browser. There are many applications, but each of them
is unique in its own way. If you want to spend your time as efficiently
and safely as possible visiting Internet resources and using various services
on the network, we recommend that you download and install a free Yandex
browser. This program has all the necessary tools for efficient and safe
work on the Internet.

good file archiver

3 Then you can install the shareware archiver. Most files on
the Internet are distributed in archived form, and to extract the content from
them, you need a special program. We recommend that you download the very
good WinRAR application and install it as the main tool for working with
archives. You can know more about it and download it by clicking on the
button below.


4 To watch music and videos, we recommend that you pay attention
to KMPlayer player and AIMP player. By downloading and installing the
proposed programs for working with multimedia files, you can easily listen to
music and watch any video, without the need to install codecs moreover.


5 During the use and installation of additional programs on a
laptop, various unnecessary information and records accumulate in the system,
which load your computer and significantly slow down its operation. For
such cases, we recommend downloading the special CCleaner utility, a program
for cleaning and optimizing system performance. With this application, you
can easily remove all unnecessary entries and junk files that have accumulated
during the active use of the laptop.

Here are 5 basic programs that should be installed on your
laptop. If this list does not meet your needs, you can always visit our
site and select from the list all the applications that you want to download to
your computer.

I propose to collect here the most popular free laptop software.
Information Store:

temperature control:

Core Temp: – English interface,
181KB. Temperature control of Intel Core Duo / Solo, Core 2 Duo and AMD 64


CPU Clock Utility:…0_bin_upd1.rar
– designed to monitor the parameters of the processor and control some
parameters of the system’s power consumption.
– Motherboard monitoring, temperature control, ATI and NVIDIA video cards, HDD
noise management, changing FSB frequency, etc.
Perform 3D-Analysis:…lyzer-v236.exe – is a program that allows
you to analyze and run some games on integrated Intel GMA graphics . And
him a Russian patch:…
* Enable software (on CPU) TnL processing
* Enabling emulation of pixel shader support for video cards that do not
support them (this is not an emulation, you will not see pretty graders)
* converting shaders from a format with high accuracy to a format with low
accuracy (Allows you to quickly increase the speed of games with a video card
based on GeForce FX)
* Disable rendering acceleration through the use of MMX / SSE / 3Dnow
* Advanced data collection of applications and video cards


SetFSB:… – More information about
overclocking, processor braking, compatibility – . Not recommended for beginners.
– is a Russian-language (multilingual) program for configuring NVIDIA and ATI
graphics cards running under Windows (from Windows 98 to Vista). Features:
* Configuring Direct3D and OpenGL driver settings for the
video card * Overclocking the video card via the driver, and direct access to
the hardware
* Setting video modes and refresh rates, including one by your PnP information
for Windows Includes creating a monitor driver
* Creation of a detailed report on the characteristics of the video card,
Direct 3D and OpenGL capabilities of the driver, AGP bus operating mode,
* Manage the AGP bus, driver configuration and directly through both
* Video card, Cooler rotation frequencies, temperature and real-time monitoring
of voltage
* Measure FPS, CPU usage, and video memory usage in games and applications
* Convert GeForce gaming cards to Quadro Professional cards
* Disable units of the GeForce 6X00 family of GPUs
* Driver settings, overclocking, color Ample opportunities to create profiles
for running games and applications with inclusion in the profile of schemes,
video modes.


BatteryMark: – a free Russian-language program that
works on the principle of measuring the runtime per unit of laptop
battery. Graph of battery discharge under load on processors for different
laptops and batteries –

HP company laptops are always popular and in demand. They are
distinguished by quality, strength, as well as relatively low cost. As
practice shows, computers of this company have no equal in terms of price /
quality ratio. But the experts decided to go further, they are designed
specifically for laptops of their own production. The choice of such
utilities is huge and covers a variety of activities on a computer, ranging
from web browsers to applications for monitoring computer status.

Most Popular HP Programs

If you’re concerned about the security and
integrity of your laptop, you’ll need a program called HP System Health
Scan. Its functions include checking the status of all devices in the
operating system, analyzing them, and detecting potential and real problems. In
addition, the software is responsible for checking the BIOS firmware, drivers
and installed software, identifying potential threats. In this regard, you
can not worry about outdated or useless drivers, because the program will
automatically detect and detect them, notifying the laptop owner about this
problem. Usually, a system scan is continuous, but you can set the HP
System Health scan to be done at a certain time to reduce the load on RAM and

Rather similar functions are performed by another utility – HP
System Information, which provides users with complete statistical information
about drivers, software and installed components.

To work with video and audio files, you can
install the program HP MediaSmart, which is a powerful integrated audio
combination. This software allows you to manage and view your library of
movies and music collected on HP computers. Watching TV programs through
the built-in TV tuner, editing and viewing images, listening to songs, watching
movies – these and many other functions were included in the specified
program. The utility has a stylish interface, information, convenience and
style, so working with it will bring you only pleasure. All users who often
spend time in video chat will need the HP Avatar program, which has many
interesting settings and features. For example, users will be able to hide
their face using a special mode. Instead of your face, the mask of your
choice will appear, repeating all movements of the eyes, lips, as well as
facial expressions. In addition, the utility offers to use various visual
effects, frames, additions to make communication more interesting, fun and

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