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Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer : In Jacksonville and Duval County, there were around 640 car accidents on average every day in 2019. Some victims of auto accidents might need prolonged medical care and rehabilitation.

You may need the assistance of a reputable attorney in order to make a claim and receive compensation for accident-related injuries or property damage.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ home stadium, TIAA Bank Field Stadium, is across the John Alsop Jr. bridge from Florin|Roebig law company, which employs a number of board-certified and seasoned Florida auto accident attorneys.

The knowledgeable lawyers at Florin|Roebig are aware of the proper way to submit a Jacksonville auto accident claim. One of Florida’s most prestigious personal injury law firms is Florin|Roebig. We want to assist you in reaching. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

Why Are There So Many Car Accidents in Jacksonville?

Duval County, where Jacksonville is situated, recorded more than 24,000 traffic incidents in 2021. Why?

Congestion, excessive traffic, and drug and alcohol use may be caused by a variety of local events and attractions. Car crash rates can be influenced by all of these factors.

Jacksonville also features a variety of places that can be the perfect setting for negligence, inattentiveness, or driver error.

Here are a few of these local events and attractions.

Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

High Population And Heavy Tourism:

Based on the most recent U.S. Census, Jacksonville is home to around 954,000 people. The first city you reach on I-95 when passing through the state of Florida is a well-liked destination.

The Florida Times-Union lists Jacksonville as one of the top ten tourism attractions. The distance between Jacksonville International Airport and the city is only 13 miles. People with diverse driving patterns from all over the world are drawn in by this.

There will inevitably be collisions with so many individuals.

Dangerous Intersections In Jacksonville:

Due to hazardous roads and intersections, vehicle, truck, and motorbike accidents can all happen in Jacksonville.

According to News4Jax, the most dangerous intersection in Duval County is Beach Boulevard at St. Johns Bluff Road. At one intersection alone in 2016, there were 39 collisions that were reported.

This intersection and others like to it are situated close to Jacksonville’s rapidly expanding neighborhoods, which are home to new homes, buildings, and shopping malls. This indicates that there are frequent occurrences of excessive traffic, which raises the possibility of auto accidents in certain regions. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

The Top Five Riskiest Crossroads in Duval County and Jacksonville:

One of the city’s primary north-south routes is the crossroads of Merril Road and the Arlington Expressway, which sees a lot of traffic. Due to the multiple high-speed highways and linked roads at this site, there is a significant risk of accidents.

St. Johns Bluff Road and Beach Boulevard are in a densely populated area, which raises the risk of accidents because of heavy traffic. The intersection’s numerous driveways can make navigating challenging, and the stoplights there are frequently operated improperly. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

Southside Boulevard and Gate Parkway: Known for having a high speed limit, running red lights, and making unproper turns. The sheer volume of vehicles on the road at any given time increases the likelihood of crashes.

In Jacksonville, Blanding Boulevard and 103rd Street have come to represent danger, murder, and death. There is a lot of traffic in this crowded region, so drivers frequently speed or take chances to get past fast. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

San Jose Boulevard and University Boulevard are an often clogged crossroads where cars turn in the wrong direction.

Jacksonville Area Attractions:

Even though it’s not the goal of everyone who visits or lives in Jacksonville to get into a car accident, it does occasionally happen. Additionally, the abundance of local landmarks and venues for athletic events can serve as breeding grounds for similar mishaps.

At local stadiums, ballparks, or fields, people may tailgate and drive after drinking. They might take drugs and drive while intoxicated. Alternatively, they might run a red light or run into a pedestrian while trying to get out of a packed stadium parking lot.

Attractions in Jacksonville that could cause circumstances leading to auto accidents:

  • 121 Financial Ballpark
  • Hodges Stadium at EverBank Field
  • Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville
  • Gymnasium James P. Small Park Wisher
  • Field at TIAA Bank

Comparative negligence is a term that is used in Florida law pertaining to personal injury claims, notably those involving auto accidents. While some accidents may include varying degrees of blame and culpability, others may not be anyone’s fault at all. Jacksonville automobile accident attorneys are knowledgeable with the intricate reasons behind auto accidents as well as Florida’s claim-making process. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

Motives for Reporting a Car Accident:

Even if you don’t believe you’ve been gravely hurt, you should still get medical attention if you’ve been in a vehicle accident in Jacksonville. One of the most crucial reasons you should speak with an experienced lawyer and submit a car accident claim in Jacksonville is that you have the right to remain silent with representatives of vehicle insurance companies until you are aware of your legal rights.

The first step in figuring out what damages have been done to your property, including your car, and what damages you have personally sustained is to file a claim for a car accident. You can begin the process of identifying these damages and finding out how much money you might be eligible for by submitting a claim. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

According to Florida’s personal injury statutes, the notion of comparative negligence must be applied when determining damages. Insurance companies are aware of these regulations and may attempt, for financial gain, to place the blame or negligence on any other vehicle or drivers involved in an accident.

Even if you believe your car accident was minor and nobody was harmed, you should still look into filing a claim with knowledgeable Jacksonville car accident attorneys.

Factors That Affect Car Accident Claims:

Car accident claims can be impacted by the severity of the collision, the amount of damage sustained, and the drivers’ and any other parties’ liability. According to Florida law, victims of auto accidents are entitled to compensation based on comparative negligence.

Which drivers are at fault in an accident are decided by the claims procedure. The method may reveal partial negligence or blame, even if some drivers may be determined to be 100% at fault and others 0% at fault. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

According to comparative negligence, one motorist may be found to be 90% at fault in an accident and another 10% at fault. In the event that the motorist with 10% blame received a $15,000 award, it would be lowered by 10%, meaning that they would have received $13,500 rather than $15,000.

How Much Compensation Can You Win?

Compensation in auto accident cases typically takes into account the extent of both personal injuries and property damage. Serious injury accidents frequently yield larger claims and awards than non-injury or minor injury accidents.

The following are a few variables that may raise compensation amounts:

  • chronic incapacity
  • serious injuries
  • significant property damage,
  •  loss of income or capacity to work
  •  missed work and lost pay,
  •  effects on families,
  • changes in lifestyle

Because the process is designed to support surviving family members, compensation can rise to high amounts in traffic accidents involving fatalities.

Types Of Damages Awarded In Car Accident Claims

Damages is the legal word for monetary recompense in a personal injury lawsuit. The goal of damages is to help “make the person whole” following a harm.

In Florida auto accident lawsuits, awards of economic and non-economic damages typically fall into the following categories:

  • medical costs
  •  such as long-term care,
  •  prescription drugs,
  •   surgery;
  •  counseling or psychiatric care;
  •  vehicles and other damaged property replacement or repair
  •  retraining or rehabilitation
  •  pain and suffering; and so on

In Florida, drivers who exhibit extreme negligence may be given punitive damages. Although these damages are rarely granted, a vehicle accident lawsuit may result in punitive damages meant to hold the at-fault motorist accountable in cases of extreme negligence, like operating a vehicle while inebriated or under the influence of drugs. Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Rates In Jacksonville

The most populous city in Florida is Jacksonville, which is situated in Duval County. The NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars are based in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is well-known for its deep-water port, which is useful to both the military and the general public, in addition to its stunning beaches.

The traffic only becomes more clogged and dangerous with the advent of tourists because there are already so many people living and working here. Sadly, there is a chance that the high volume of commuters and drivers can cause accidents.

People in Jacksonville between the ages of 18 and 24 were involved in more than 50% of car accidents.

Traffic fatalities in Jacksonville have climbed recently. Compared to 109 in July 2020, there were 128 traffic-related deaths in July 2021.

Based on data, Southside Boulevard is the most automobile accident-prone region in Jacksonville; in 2021, there were 139 car accidents there.

Duval County reportedly saw 24,435 auto accidents in 2021.

14,184 people were injured as a result of these incidents.

In 2021, there were 179 fatal collisions.

Impaired judgment caused by drugs or alcohol was a factor in 38 deaths.

Top-Rated Car Accident Attorneys Serving Jacksonville

It’s critical to seek professional legal counsel after an automobile accident so you can determine whether to proceed with submitting a claim. When you file, you should have a group of personal injury lawyers on your side who have the skills, resources, and expertise to get you the maximum amount of money for your losses.

For more than thirty years, the law offices of Florin|Roebig have assisted Florida people in their pursuit of compensation for personal injuries. We are now prepared to deploy our resources on behalf of Jacksonville accident victims.

In fact, other legal firms routinely refer their clients to us because we are so adept at assisting victims of traffic accidents Our team of award-winning auto accident lawyers consists of:

  •  B.C.S. Wil H. Florin
  • Tommy D. Roebig, B.C.S.
  •  Cummings, Shaun M.
  • Hart, John J.
  • Ossi, Michael A., O.C.
  • Find Help Filing A Car Accident Claim

Florin|Roebig was established in 1985, and its knowledgeable, skilled personal injury attorneys have a proven track record of winning cases in court.

Since the award’s establishment in 2010, “US News and World Report” and “Best Lawyers in America” have named Florin|Roebig as one of the “Best Law Firms in America” annually.

The vehicle accident lawyers at Florin|Roebig are kind, experienced, and dedicated to assisting you in comprehending your legal rights and choices following an automobile accident in Jacksonville.

For a free consultation and advice on what to do after suffering injuries in a car accident, contact Florin|Roebig injury law company if you or a loved one has been in an accident.

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