Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa

Originally, Atlanta was a railroad town. Although Atlanta has the biggest airport in the world, truck traffic increasingly predominates in the city, even though it is still a key rail junction. Every year, about 115 tons of freight pass through and through Metro Atlanta. In Atlanta, three interstate roads come together to make it possible for trucks to transport freight arriving or departing by train or air.

Construction of warehouses and distribution centers has surged in Atlanta. In addition, traffic jams have occurred as hundreds of trucking companies fight for little space on Atlanta’s highways and roads. There are frequently bottlenecks on I-285, I-20, GA-400, and I-75. Truck accidents are as common in Atlanta as trucks themselves. Over 12% of Georgia’s fatal crashes involve a huge vehicle. Georgia truck accidents result in thousands of significant injuries every year.

When a careless truck driver causes an accident and causes injuries, our Atlanta truck accident lawyer team assists victims in obtaining just compensation.

What Rules Require Truck Drivers to Drive Safely?

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa:

According to Georgia legislation, anyone hurt in traffic accidents may be compensated for damages brought on by careless drivers. Drivers of 4-door passenger cars and drivers of trucks must adhere to the same rule.

The fundamental traffic laws of Georgia must be followed by all drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations must be adhered to by both commercial truck drivers and the organizations who hire them. Truck drivers are only allowed to drive a certain number of hours a day under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Additionally, it is against the law for drivers to operate a commercial vehicle when they are too sick or exhausted to do so safely. Regardless, many drivers exceed the recommended number of hours of travel.

In order to guarantee that the vehicle can be driven properly, the laws mandate that drivers and owners of trucks examine the brakes, tires, steering, and other parts. Truckers are required by law to divide weights equally in order to prevent unstable trailers from toppling over on bends. In order to prevent goods from falling off a truck and into the path of an approaching automobile, drivers must also secure their cargoes.

Drivers of commercial trucks need to possess a current commercial driver’s license. It’s possible that they require certification for the specific vehicle they operate. They have to demonstrate that their health permits them to drive. Depending on the type of driving they do, federal law requires commercial drivers to obtain liability insurance with minimum levels ranging from $750,000 to $5,000,000For additional information on the regulations that pertain to truck drivers, see our Commercial Vehicle Rules FAQ. When truck drivers break these regulations, it is a sign of their carelessness. Our skilled Atlanta truck accident lawyer is skilled in persuading jurors in Georgia of a truck driver’s fault.

How are Truck Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa:

Compared to injuries from Georgia car accidents, those from truck accidents are more severe and more likely to be fatal. Airbags, crumple zones, and safety belts shield passengers from catastrophic injuries.

Those safeguards will be readily circumvented by the size and weight of a huge truck travelling at highway speeds.

Truck collisions frequently result in automobile pieces coming loose and sharp metal fragments flying into the passenger cabin. Apart from minor cuts, truck collisions might result in severe injuries. In Georgia, we have assisted families whose loved ones lost their lives in truck accidents.

Serious injuries can result from truck collisions, even at very moderate speeds. A passenger automobile may only sustain minor injuries in a 10-mph collision that occurs in stop-and-go traffic on a highway. The force of the impact plus the large truck’s inability to stop fast can trigger a chain reaction accident that results in head injuries, shattered bones, and other catastrophic injuries when it causes a rear-end collision at 10 mph.

To aid in the prevention of distracted driving, the state of Georgia passed the Hands-Free Act. According to NU Property Casualty 360, a driver will incur increasing fines each time they are pulled over for using a smartphone illegally. Hopefully, fewer truck accidents will result from this.

How Does Tobin Injury Law Help Victims of Atlanta Truck Accidents?

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa:

Our Atlanta truck accident attorneys assist those with injuries in starting over in life. Rebuilding a life after an injury that results in severe disability takes significant financial resources. A brain injury patient may require speech therapy, occupational rehabilitation, neuropsychologist care, and caregiver support. Spinal injury victims may require home renovations, wheelchair-accessible automobiles, and replacement wheelchairs on a regular basis in order to regain mobility.

Medical treatment is necessary for any major injuries. A few need to stay in hospitals and have several procedures. In order to optimize their physical recuperation, we want our customers to get all the medical attention they require. We assist them in obtaining the money they need to meet all expected future medical expenses as well as their hospital costs.


Accident sufferers must resume their pre-accident lifestyle in order to rebuild their lives. We assist accident victims in getting their wages back. We assist clients in obtaining the compensation they need to learn new skills for their employment and to make up for the likelihood that their injuries will prevent them from doing their current occupations to the fullest extent possible. Our truck accident attorneys in Atlanta want those who were hurt to have fulfilling lives.

And there is grief and agony. It may be just as challenging to get over the constraints placed on one by physical disability as it can be to recover from emotional suffering. The psychological fallout from their physical injuries, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, must be addressed by Atlanta truck accident victims in order to start afresh. We make every effort to assist accident victims in obtaining the financial compensation necessary to both alleviate their suffering and enhance their quality of life.

What Atlanta Truck Accidents Does Tobin Injury Law Grip?

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa:

Victims of severe truck accidents are represented by our Atlanta truck accident attorneys. We assist accident victims in Atlanta and the neighboring areas, as well as across Georgia.

Due to our record for successfully resolving issues via trial, we have a large clientele of attorneys from around Georgia, many of whom are located outside of Atlanta.

Helping victims of severe injuries is the main emphasis of our work. To ensure that every client gets our undivided attention and exceptional customer care, we only accept a limited number of cases. We make an effort to assist those consumers most in need. We assist injured victims who require long-term care, operations, and hospital stays, which result in high medical costs. Our staff assists families in getting their life back on track when there is a tragic injury.

What Should I Do After an Atlanta Truck Accident?

Upon arrival at the site, paramedics should be listened to and followed by victims of truck accidents. Stay at the site until the police come if you choose not to depart in an ambulance. Proceed to the hospital to receive medical attention after responding to the officer’s queries.

The insurance provider for the truck driver will attempt to obtain your statement. They might even dispatch a claims agent to the scene of the collision. Talk to them not at all.

Insurance adjusters like to speak with accident victims prior to providing them with legal counsel. Avoid it. Speak with an Atlanta truck accident attorney for your own protection before speaking with an insurance adjuster. Accident victims have the support of our injury attorneys.

Contact An Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney At Tobin Injury Law Today

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta Injured Victims-usa:

The goal of insurance adjusters is to help insurance companies save money. A truck accident lawyer in Atlanta may be reached online or by calling 404-JUSTICE (404-587-8423) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to answer your queries and provide free consultations.



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