Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA

It is simple to get confused after a car accident and forget to gather the information you need. People can get tense and shaky even after a small mishap. Keeping a to-do list of numbers to call and inquiries to make in the glove box or console of your car, along with your insurance documents, is a smart idea. Everything will then be in one location for you to access when needed.

Inform the police that you require medical attention if you or anyone else is hurt. When you call for help, report to the police anyone you see who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Never hesitate to call the police, even if there are no injuries. If an accident occurs without a police accident report, many insurance companies won’t pay for it. After everyone is secure, you can obtain the additional data you require.

What your insurance provider will require is:

Complete names, addresses, and phone numbers of all parties involved, including any witnesses, drivers, passengers, and any potential pedestrians.

Look for anyone who claims to be hurt or who may be injured.

Take as many notes as you can regarding the specific incident. Find out the make, model, and license plate numbers of the other cars involved. What kind of lighting and weather existed at the scene of the accident?

You can record video and take pictures with your phone.

Did any of the cars involved sustain any damage? Did any of the damage, like broken brake or tail lights, appear to have existed before the collision? Did any of the cars belong to the company?

Make sure you ascertain each person’s and vehicle’s insurance status. Obtain the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the registered owners if any drivers were not the owners.

Did anyone accept responsibility for the mishap? if the video of their statement was captured.

Obtain the names and badge numbers of any responding law enforcement personnel.

You might want to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer right away. He might want to look over the evidence there and learn as much as he can.

Make quick contact with your own insurance provider. You should think about getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer first if you have any reason to believe that your employer might not be willing to pay for the accident. But don’t wait to get in touch with your insurance provider.


However, until you have spoken with an attorney, you should refrain from responding to inquiries from the other drivers’ insurance companies or giving statements to them. Be courteous, but don’t talk about anything related to the accident until you’ve gotten legal counsel.

Most likely, you will be brought straight to a hospital emergency room if you have sustained serious injuries. Don’t assume, however, that you are not hurt if you are not in serious pain.


Whiplash is among the many injuries from auto accidents that don’t always manifest right away. If you do experience any negative effects from the crash, see a doctor right away, get checked out, and adhere to the treatment and follow-up recommendations given by the physician. If you have latent injuries that manifest 24 to 36 hours later, skipping medical attention could have dire consequences.

Never ignore new symptoms or pain that doesn’t go away for hours. Inform your physician of any symptoms, no matter how minor. Even though severe back injuries can initially just cause back pain, if they are not treated, they can lead to serious health problems. In addition, in the event that you experience issues, your insurance provider will require documentation demonstrating the timely diagnosis and treatment of the problems, as well as their connection to the accident.

It is advisable to take as many pictures as you can of the accident scene, the involved cars and people, and anything else that might shed light on how and why the accident happened if you are able to obtain a camera. The most valuable photos are the ones that are taken as soon as possible.

Remember to take photos of the damage done to all cars, license plates, and other pieces of evidence like lights or street signs, skid marks, etc. Inform the lawyer you intend to call that you do not have a camera. He might be able to arrange for someone to take the necessary pictures from his office. Make sure you also let your attorney know about any other evidence you believe could be relevant, like broken signage or street lights, broken equipment (seat belts, turn signals, etc.), inclement weather, etc.


Motorcycle Accidents

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

Motorcycle crashes have a far higher rate of fatalities and injuries per incident by design.

Motorcyclists are far more prone to injury, so whenever you ride a motorcycle, you should take the following safety measures:

  • You ought to wear a helmet at all times, as should your passengers.
  • Don’t go fast.
  • Avoid following other cars too closely.


  • Put on the appropriate clothing to safeguard your health and improve your visibility while driving.
  • Ensure that your headlights are on at all times.

Trucking Accidents

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

Because of their size and speed, trucks can have catastrophic effects on anyone in an accident. Truck drivers are typically held to a higher standard of driving, and they frequently possess specialized licenses and have received considerable training. Whenever a commercial truck is involved in an accident, make sure the Highway Patrol is notified so that the event is accurately recorded and all relevant data is collected from the driver and the vehicle.


Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

Together, our team of husband and wife has over 40 years of legal experience. We handle injury cases exclusively as part of our practice, which enables us to be experts in what we do. Serious injury and wrongful death cases are our areas of expertise.

To better serve our clients, we have five office locations:

  • Hollywood Long Beach
  • Santa Monica


  • Valencia Pasadena


All victims of serious injury accidents, such as those involved in automobile crashes, motorbike crashes, truck crashes, bus crashes, bicycle crashes, pedestrian crashes, dog attacks, slip and fall incidents, wrongful death, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries, are represented by our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

We’ve Worked on Cases from Both Sides

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

In addition to receiving trustworthy legal counsel from personal injury lawyers when you work with McGee, Lerer & Associates following an accident, you also gain access to the knowledge and expertise of several former insurance adjusters. A number of our team members were once employed by insurance companies, the opposing party. These days, they apply everything they learned from their time spent defending insurers to provide our clients with advantages by foreseeing the thoughts and expectations of insurance adjusters, which they then use to their advantage whenever a case is brought.

Innovative Legal Advice From A Skilled Group of Auto Accident Attorneys

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

An automobile or truck collision can wreck more than just your day. It’s possible that you miss a lot of work, have expensive medical bills, and even endure chronic pain and suffering. The first thing you should do after being hurt in a car accident in Los Angeles is to get medical help, and then you should file a report with the LAPD. The crucial next step is to give an attorney a call shortly after.

At the Law Offices of Eric Hershler, we’ve handled over 17,500 personal injury cases in California and provide free consultations. Our understanding of the legal system and our desire to be approachable to our clients give us a competitive edge over other firms and enable us to provide services more effectively.

Tips for Following a California Auto Accident

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

If you, or a loved one, was involved in an automobile accident, the following tips will help you understand what should be included in your claim: obtain the other driver’s insurance information; record the driver’s contact information and that of any witnesses present at the scene; gather hard copies of medical bills and other injury-related statements; track all missed work hours from the time of the accident to the present; and take pictures of all implicated vehicles.

Following a car accident, following the right procedures can make all the difference in the amount of damages paid. Your health is important. We have been providing legal advice to clients in injury and accident cases for over 35 years.


Talking too much after an accident is one of the most crucial things you can do, but it’s actually better to do the opposite. It can get complicated if you tell friends, family, and especially an insurance company about what happened to you on social media. It goes without saying that you will need to speak with insurance, but you will be protected if you say as little as possible.

Common Causes Of Car Crashes

Truck and Car Accident Lawyer California | USA:

Statistics are excellent at providing us with clear, numerical information about what has occurred. What figures might not show as well, though, are the circumstances that precede an accident. For instance, a number of factors raise the likelihood of an accident, including:

  • Inadequate upkeep of commercial vehicles
  • bad weather for driving during storms
  • Unsteady roads


  • drivers who are distracted disregarding the road
  • impaired motorists

There is a limit to what you can do as a driver. However, you can receive the assistance you are entitled to in the event of an accident involving injuries.














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